Pastel Mandala-Artwork Course Introduction

What is "Pastel Mandala-Artwork"?

Pastel Mandala-Artwork is a unique form of art to express yourself with colors and shapes.

Listen to your heart, feel center & balance, and enjoy creation as you feel.

Drawing mandalas is "tuning your heart".

The stronger you have a connection with yourself, the more your mandalas shine.

Let's start the journey to meet your true-self!

Course introduction

※Facilitators above Basic-Level are also certified to  hold their original lessons, follow-up lessons, and Mandala Gathering as well as the courses above.


Courses for students who completed Expression Training Course

※The course fees are different depending on facilitators.

◉Trial Lesson 1〜2hrs (1100-3300yen)  ※For beginners

This is a preparatory and trial lesson before the Basic Master Course.
Have fun expressing your feeling with any colors and shapes!

  • Introduction to Pastel Mandala-Artwork
  • Let's create your first mandala (with your own theme)

◉Basic Master Course  6hrs 14300yen〜

The main goal of this course is to learn basic skills and mindsets in order to create your original mandalas.  This course has the essence of Pastel Mandala-Artwork. Let's start from the basics with a textbook

  • The meaning of drawing mandalas
  • Coloring and gradation techniques
  • Basic eraser techniques
  • Exercises to find yourself through shapes
  • Exercises to express yourself with colors and shapes
  • How to draw a mandala with a single pattern (your original)
  • How to draw a mandala with multiple patterns (your original)

◉Expression Training Course 19hrs  57200yen〜

※You will be certified as Basic-Level Facilitator after the course
(11000yen to certify and 1000yen for postage)

In this course, there are 6 sample mandalas, and we will practice a variety of techniques with them (plus 5  warm-up exercises). Let's expand your expressions  to have more fun creating!

  • How to make your mandalas glow
  • How to enhance the connection between colors and shapes
  • How to make your mandalas 3 dimensional
  • Expressions through straight lines and gradation
  • Expressions of movements
  • More eraser techniques to make your mandalas glow

※You can hold Basic Master Course, Trial Lesson, and Mandala-Gathering after being certified. Also, you can hold follow-up lessons to teach Basic Master Course techniques with your original mandalas.

◉Mandala-Artwork with Numbers (3,5,6) 6hrs(each)  16,500yen〜(each)

This is another form of mandala drawing with different rhythm. Explore the number, Feel the rhythm, and  create the new world!

  • Draw a sample art and learn the basics of the number
  • Draw your original one with the rhythm

◉Facilitation Training Course  19hrs

This course focuses on your communication skills as a facilitator, by learning
about active listening  in order to guide your students  in their mandala journey,
Also, we will have some presentation practice to express yourself. This will help you see yourself objectively, and find your strengths, potentials, and what is the most precious for you.

  • Active Listening skills
  • How to guide and help your students while drawing
  • Presentation exercises to express yourself
  • Mindsets as facilitators
  • Finding your talents and strengths
  • How to plan your original lessons
  • Mandala drawing with facilitation practice

※You will be certified as Intermediate-Level Facilitator after this course. You can hold Expression Training Course, Basic Master Course, Trial Lesson, and Mandala-Gathering.

◉Mandala Artist Practical Training Course   18hrs

This course is for those who wants to be  more experienced and skillful in mandala-drawing. It is designed to expand your expressions and creativity as a mandala artist, with a variety of trainings and different forms of drawing. And we will complete the course with drawing a masterpiece "Prayer".
These trainings will bring you a breakthrough in your expressions.

  • More learning about pastels and art tools
  • About Color science
  • How to create harmony in colors
  • Hints to create new patterns
  • Observe Kayo’s painting
  • Exercise to draw with 3-dimensions
  • Draw a Color-layered mandala
  • Draw a masterpiece "Prayer"


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